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The world of nails is very complex and extremely interesting one.  With so much to learn and so many different products to use, the industry provide you with conversion courses in order for you to get certificated in specific branded products.  I did a large amount of research on what products or brands are viewed/tried/tested as the best.  I came across NSI and CND as the top brands and products.

I booked onto a UV Gel Workshop with NSI and learnt wonderful tips for their gel extension range called Balance.  I then went to another conversion for CND to learn tips and tricks for gel polish Shellac.

My NSI workshop was at The Beverley Robinson School of Nails & Beauty.  I can’t express how amazing Bev was, she was like a warm hug from start to finish so much so that I have booked onto the Liquid and Powder (Acrylic) workshop in August.

My CND Shellac was booked through the only official UK distributor of CND products Sweet Squared and my trainer was Jenni, just like Bev she was full of knowledge and I once again booked onto another course with her which is CND Brisa Lite.

I was the usual amount of nervous as I had never been to anything like this before, all my previous nail training consisted of dedication to the nail trainer.  I had an amazing time!!! I loved every minute except the introduce yourself “My names Rhiannon and im an alcoholic” part (shy face).  I have never enjoyed training in anything before this.  I now want to go on as many courses as my purse strings will let me.  The feedback from both educators had me on cloud 9, I didn’t need petrol to get home I could have flown the car there with all the air in my head.

I am officially inspired…… Both of these wonderful women had carved out a carer and lifestyle that I have a need to emulate!  So I will plod along gaining training and experience until I am my own version of them.   

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By Rhi Rhi

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