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In the nail world soak off gel extensions are a god send.  This is because gel extensions are normally made of a hard buff off compound which is hard work when it comes to removal.  Soak off gel gives you the ease to wrap them up like your shellac polish and… off they come.

I booked on with Jeni again of Sweet Squared CND Educating Ambassador for a 1:1 session to learn how to use Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel and Brisa Lite Sculpting Gel.  Just before starting the training Jeni informed me that she had been given word from head office that CND will be discontinuing the sculpting gel in 2016!!!! I couldn’t have been more disappointed 🙁

I pre used the gel before the training session to get a feel for how it moves / behaves in the application process.  To gain feedback on the durability it gave the client and to view what condition their natural nail was in after the enhancement.  All of the answers to my questions were positives so why would they discontinue this product?

I have looked through multiple websites on the internet to find out more and im starting to see this is something that happens with CND quite regularly.  There is not a huge amount of information regarding this on the internet or forums and from what I have been told this would make sense.  The popularity in america for the Brisa Lite was not as big as they would have hoped therefore there would not be huge uproar about it not being available after this year.  BUT the techs here in England that have attended the training and now feel like they can not live without this gel do have a few choice words.  The fear that once the news spreads a little wider the stock that Sweet Squared have will deplete very.

With all that in mind, I will be making small, affordable orders every month of the sculpting gel and the smoothing gel (just in case) until I feel I have a comfortable stock.  Clients fear not im on the case 🙂


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