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I have been doing a large amount of reading over the past few days on big brand nail websites, nail magazines handbooks and a good old fashioned Google search.  After a serious overload early hours this morning, I chose to sleep on it hoping the information that stood out in the morning would be most important.  I dream that my nail empire will always be needed based on the idea that for the foreseeable future humans will have nails.  The thing that may slow down my business will not be the loss of human finger nails but money.  With this in mind the money that I do earn I want to spend wisely to have a long carer, happy life and secure retirement fund.  With these goals in mind I intend to work to my maximum capacity to ensure I achieve this.  Thinking back to my reading the points that stood out to me this morning were:-

Social Media Presence – As we are in a technological era this is one of the most important parts of business now.  I have chosen Instagram and YouTube as my social sites as I want the pictures and videos of my nail work to be the main focus and these two site specialise in each.  In coming weeks I am planning to hugely increase my youtube posts as this is an area which has got left behind in my journey.

Setting Goals – Dreams in your head do not put money in your bank.  I need to put a lot of serious thought into my business goals.  Im a huge list writer and having those goals and aspirations written down will take them from just dreams, to real life targets that I can financially track and put steps in place for me to achieve them.

Advertisement – When it comes to advertisement I was mainly relying on personal referrals, it has got me this far but I want to go further.  In the next week or so I will be doing some more reading on advertisement/promotion options as this is something that will expand my income hugely which will then allow me to put even more back into my business.

With these key points clear in my head ive got my Nail Boss hat on and am extremely motivated.

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