You can’t buy class, but you can book a nail appointment




You don’t need much to stand out just 2 nails


We notice the black when the light dissapears 





Engagement nails are fabulous especially when you can match them to your ring




A french glitter fade with create elaborate hand movements in any conversation



Strong nails take work, its called a nail appointment






All hands, all shapes, all colours 





Red is so classic that you can wear it at 17 and at 71



All natural nails can grow, its what they are made to do





I have been told this set of hands could have made a career in hand modelling



The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice counts for nails too, these dark berry nails are soooo juicy


A fresh set of nails will complete any outfit. Bag, shoes and nails lit





Nail art in this decade can be done with a thousand different materials to get a thousand different outcomes  



 Tiny little free edge is all it takes to get a perfect french tip, ohh la la




If nails are glossy enough to see the window from the room reflecting, it means it’s good



 Opposites attract including nail colours




Never will a nude squarely filed nail every go out of fashion and I’m ok with that